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I won’t rush to release songs – Nana Boroo

Music of Thursday, 24 May 2018


Nine years ago, when he ‘crashed’ the airwaves with his hit single, Aha Yede, it was almost a given that more of such bangers would flow from the camp of musician, Nana Boroo, then a new entrant on the music scene.

But since then, the few songs he has churned out have failed to make waves and he is gradually being branded a one-time hit maker.

His three-year absence has led others to say he has gone under because of the competition on the current music scene; with some speculating that he does not have the clout to match up to the current competition in the music industry, an assertion he vehemently debunks.

Speaking with Showbiz on Monday, Nana Boroo said he has been quiet not because he is afraid of competion but he is rather taking his time to bring Ghanaians evergreen music.

“I do not do disposable songs. I mean I do not do songs that will not last beyond three months.

I take my time, put in a lot of work and research and then come out with good music.

The fact that I have not been all over the media does not mean work is not going on.

We are working behind the scenes and when the time is ripe, people will understand why I took so long in coming out.

“Take a song like, Aha Yede, it’s been like almost nine years now but whenever it is played, it still sends people into a frenzy. They still get on their feet to dance to it.

That is the kind of music I am talking about. That is the kind of music I do,” he said.

Touching on the current music industry, Nana Boroo said, “so far, I think it has been interesting, when you look at what the young ones are doing now, the Highlife spirit is high and it’s wonderful but like I said early on, we are all in our lanes.

I am not in a rush to go anywhere neither am I in a race with anyone so we are all doing well in our own ways.”

While at it, Nana Boroo talked about his recently lightened complexion brouhaha.

A group picture he took at the wedding of actor, John Dumelo recently raised a lot of eyebrows with people saying he might have bleached.

“I have not bleached. Anyone who knows me and is close to me will testify that in my family, we are light skinned.

And you know being fair is expensive, it is not easy, it comes with its own issues.

“I should be able to take care of myself and get my complexion right but that does not mean I apply bleaching creams.

I just got back from the United States after staying there for a long time so you know, the weather and all got my skin looking lighter.

It will, however, get back to its normal state after a while,” he said.

Nana Boroo, real name, Nana Osei Bonsu, shot to fame in 2009 with his hit single, Aha Yede.

He also has other songs like Bolinga, Bebia Soso and Big Mama.

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