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Queen Haizel plans to cut clit*ris to focus on music; says she gets over 17 orgasms daily [ARTICLE]

In the video which was cut from an interview on TV Africa, the “Yetwem” singer without censoring her words mentioned that she is planning to cut off her clitoris because it leaves her with multiple orgasms daily and it is distracting her to keep a focus on her career.

We will be leaving the country for two months, I am going to cut off my clitoris to be able to concentrate on my music career”, heard her tell Larry Bozzlz, the host of the show. According to Queen Haizel, that particular part of her sexual organ is very sensitive and it keeps taking her concentration off her music career because she gets between 17 to 20 orgasms daily.

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It’s very very sensitive it keeps taking my concentration off music,” the young female musician said and added thatI don’t know why I was created that way but I get a lot of orgasms during the day, every day is a different a story”. Queen Hezel explained that she easily gets orgasm anytime something tickles her private part and it is difficult to hide it often so everyone in her team knows about her predicament.

Hear more from her in the video below, which has generated a heated conversation online.

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