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Despite’s son wedding; drone delivers ring during church service (Video) [ARTICLE]

The first son of the Ghanaian millionaire, Osei Kwame Despite, is tying the knot with his 23-year-old lover, Tracy Asante, today 15th February 2020 and nuptials happening in Accra appears to one of the most affluent weddings Ghana has ever seen.

Apart from sweeping the streets of Accra with Tesla, G Wagons, Rolls Royces among other luxury cars, the wedding guests were stunned during wedding service at the Faith Presbyterian Church in Accra, when a drew was flown into the building to deliver the wedding rings for vows.

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After their proposal which happened in a plane, Tracy, a fashion illustrator and Kennedy Osei, who currently manages his father’s media house, held their engagement ceremony on Thursday, 13th February 2020 at a colourful ceremony which took Accra by storm.

Regardless, that was just the tip of the iceberg as their white wedding which is underway kept on dropping the jaws of people. For instance, how the rings were delivered at the ceremony. Watch it below.

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