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Quamina MP under attack over his ‘embarrassing’ freestyle on Tim Westwood [ARTICLE]

The 280-character platform has been on ‘fire’ since Monday evening (March 9, 2020) after Tim Westwood released a teaser from his freestyle session with the “Amanfuor Girls” hitmaker on Capital XTRA.

Users on the platform have described the short video as ‘embarrassing’.

“Opportunity giving to wrong people, is timwesthood now a comedy ground?” an angry user stated.

A user @Greatman__ threatened the producer cum musician: “Make the Nana Ama brouhaha cool down small, we go drive straight to Quamina MP ein house. That gyimii freestyle he go give for the Tim Westwood there nu. Argh!”

Comedian Waris sent a warning, “Please somebody stop Patapaaa from going to Timwestwood. Please I have a feeling negga is going there. We are okay with Quamina MP.”

Along the line, someone attacked Nigerians who joined the Quamina MP troll by sharing Davido’s ‘failed’ freestyle session on the same platform.

The user captioned the video: “Nigerians should allow us think. Their Star Davido did the most horrible one ever even with beats we were listening to. Quamina MP to the world.”

Below are other reactions to Quamina MP’s freestyle.

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