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Mayor the Bass Prophet drops “Coronavirus” to fight pandemic (LISTEN) [ARTICLE]

The pandemic has claimed thousands of lives across the world and it seems awareness is the major cure.

This is why Mayor the Bass Prophet – one of the exciting fast-rising stars in Ghana – has released a new song called “Coronavirus” to sensitise his fans and Ghanaians in general.

“Be hygienic, be safe and take all the necessary precautions seriously,” he said in a YouTube post. “Covid-19 is deadly, thus, stop doubting because it is real (especially Ghanaians and Africans).”

He added: “Please, wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Wipe and sanitize your hands. Do not touch your face with bare hands or before taking your bath. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Please, avoid crowded areas.”

The song talks about how the disease spreads, its effects on our health and how the world can come together to conquer it.

Stream the full song below and share your candid views with us.

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