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Philipa Baafi says she has no time for reports that she lied about the demise of her triplets [ARTICLE]

The singer turns 40 today, 15th May 2020, and she is marking her birthday with the release of the song she titled “It Is Well”. Appearing for an interview on Okay FM about her song and birthday, Philipa was asked about reports claiming that she lied about the passing of her triplets.

In response she said, Africans love to duel on negativity, hence, she wouldn’t get back to that old story because she has moved on. “ That’s the opinion of whoever said that and I don’t have time for that person. I am not worried, by grace God has given me another one” she said in Twi.

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Descending on people carrying that news about the death of her triplets, she said “you see, we Africans or Ghanaians we like negativity, after weeping over that, they’d still want to drag the person to the past. No way, so I am not going back to things that brought me sorrow”.

Philipa is, therefore, more focused on her new single which will be one of the songs on her forthcoming 10th studio album due to be released next year.

Philapa Baafi put with sing 'It Is Well

Philapa Baafi put with sing ‘It Is Well’

According to her, she wrote this single primarily to encourage the downhearted, disappointed and downtrodden in society to endeavour to turn their negativity into positive confessions and jubilant celebration.

Watch the official video of the song below

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