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McBrown stops Freda Rhymz from walking out of UTV studio after clash with Sista Afia (video) [ARTICLE]

Tempers were high, emotions rose following an argument between female rapper Freda Rhymz and her fellow female musician Sista Afia and the former threatened to boycott the show, but she was prevented by the host of the show Nana Ama Mcbrown.

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The duo and another female musician Eno have been beefing each other through rap songs and as a result, have dominated the airwaves.

Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia nearly engaged in a fight last weekend when the met at TV3- it is understood Sista Afia who got upset over a comment passed by Freda tried to attack her, hadn’t been the intervention of security personnel.

They were invited to appear on the United showbiz to iron out their differences to let peace rain.

However, in the course of the show tempers were high and emotions rose and Freda Rhymz almost stormed out of the studio.

Freda’s decision to walk off the set came after Sista Afia said she has been saying things about her in close doors and she got to know about that through voice notes from the people close to her.

When Freda asked why she would attack her if she likes her, Sista Afia retorted she would do it again and that led to the young rapper’s frustration and attempt to abandon the show.

After heated arguments and accusations, Sista Afia finally apologized to Freda Rhymz, her fans and Ghanaians for all that happened following their beef.

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