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Wendy Shay says she has faced worst treatment in Ghana than racial abuse in Germany (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

In an exclusive interview with, Wendy Shay disclosed she has also suffered racism when she was leaving in Germany but has experienced worse when she returned to Ghana. “I have faced a lot of racism in Germany … but when I came to Ghana, I have experienced worst things that I didn’t even experience in Germany”.

According to the Ghanaian singer, she decided to come back home in a bid to get away from the racial abuse in Germany and to also contribute her talent to the Ghanaian music industry. “But when I came here, what I went through was like thousand times more than what I have faced in Germany,” she said.

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Wendy Shay and Bosom PYung

Wendy Shay and Bosom PYung

Wendy Shay who is out with a new song titled ‘Emergency’ which features Bosom Pyong, therefore, emphasized that before Ghanaians join the world to fight racism, they must unite and show each other love to become a stronger force against racism.

Hear more from her in the interview below.

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