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Shatta Wale is a staunch NDC supporter who lost a bet on the party – Pope Skinny (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

According to Pope Skinny, who was once Shatta Wale’s right-hand man before they fell out, the dancehall act is a very ungrateful person who portrays himself as an angel and paints others black.

The defunct rapper was speaking about Shatta’s clash Hitz FM clash with Joint 77, one of his sacked militants. “You mentioned my name during your interview with Andy Dosty, for me, anytime you mentioned my name I’ll speak.” He said in a video seen by

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Warning the “Gringo” always getting his way around issues, he disclosed his political party whilst saying that “it is not NDC in power, so you can’t fool like that. Now you want to fan fool people by respecting Nana Addo. Everybody who knows you, knows you are an NDC supporter”.

Shatta Wale with Pope Skinny

Shatta Wale with Pope Skinny

Diving deep into Shatta’s political affiliation, Pope Skinny added that “Now you want to behave like you like Nana Addo but you hate him. You be NDC guy, your father is NDC so don’t come and pretend”.

According to Pope Skinny, Shatta Wale who performed at the NCD grand rally in 2016, even placed a bet on the party against him and lost. Watch the video below in which Pope kinny made other wild allegations about Shatta Wale.

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