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Archbishop Duncan Williams son: My father promises to support my hip-pop music [ARTICLE]

Daniel Duncan Williams who is the last born of the influential Ghanaian man God took to his Twitter account to announce that his father has said he wants to support his music career and he also wants him to return to the country.

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This follows a recent nude video Daniel Duncan Williams shared on social media and also lashed out at his father.

Afterwards, the founder of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan, in a statement issued on his behalf said Daniel was diagnosed with “ acute bipolar disease” six years ago.

According to the statement signed by Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, the Spokesperson for the Archbishop and his family Danny’s failure to continue with his prescribed medication caused a relapse, leading to his public outburst on Tuesday.

The statement further noted that Daniel has a serious illness and “is not of himself”, thus the public and media should make gains of it but rather support the family in prayers.

Daniel Duncan-Williams started promoting his songs days after videos of his nude went viral.

He took to his Instagram page to address his fans and again push his songs, he said:

“Link in bio. I’m glad everyone enjoyed all the laughs today but I’m really just a businessman about my music, family, loved ones and money”.

Known by his stage name Dee Wills, he has since released two hip-hop music videos on his music channel dubbed Go Silly and Signs.

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