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Funny Face and Lil Win fight on UTV (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

The two comic actors who have been entangled in a ‘beef’ couldn’t hold themselves as their tempers took over them whilst addressing their misunderstanding which revolves around an award from the 2019 Ghana Movie awards.

The confrontation between the two saw Funny Face throwing a blow at Lil Win but it didn’t touch him as Bulldog who was a panellist on the show, separated them. According to Funny Face, he wasn’t told Lil Win will be appearing on the show because he wouldn’t have shown up should he be informed.

However, things got calm on the show after Funny Face was taken out and he later joined the set that saw him with Lil Win performing some of the songs they have. Watch excerpts and the live show below as we update this publication with more details.

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