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Zion Felix talks about ex-girlfriends and relationship on The Delay Show (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

The Ghanaian blogger was speaking on The Delay Show about his relationship life as someone who is in the limelight. Asked if woman come at him, Zion said: “surprisingly I don’t get that, it shocks me”.

The 29-year-old who is known to be dating a popular Makeup Artist, Mina Lawani, continued that “ I don’t know whether it’s because I have a girlfriend, I don’t get the DMs when I tell people they don’t believe it”.

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Zion Felix has also denied that he snatched his girlfriend from a colleague blogger, Yemmey Baba. He admitted that his girlfriend was dating the Nigerian blogger based in Ghana but emphasized that they broke up before he started dating her.

Zion Felix and girlfriend, Mina Lawani

Zion Felix and girlfriend, Mina Lawani

The most followed Ghanaian blogger disclosed that he has about 3 ex-girlfriends, including one that he dated for just one week. Hear more from him in the video below.

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