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Kafui Danku apologizes after calling out ‘dangerous’ Leila Djansi for telling ‘stupid lies’ [ARTICLE]

In a now-deleted Facebook post, the actress described the Ghanaian filmmaker who lives in the U.S as someone very dangerous. According to Kafui, Leila has gone around to tell “stupid and childish lies” about her to people after she refused to give her some dollars she asked her.

Movie producer and director, Leila Djansi

Movie producer and director, Leila Djansi

Part of the Ghanaian actress’ outburst directed at the “Sinking Sands’ producer reads “ if anyone has warned about Leila Djansi believe them“. However, in a new post, Kafui Danku is apologizing for her comments about Leila Djansi.

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She explains that she lost control of herself adding that she shouldn’t have made their indifference a matter in the public and that she is going to make an effort to settle her issues with Leila Djansi privately. See her post below.

Kafui's apology

Kafui’s apology

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