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Contemporary gospel musician Papa Bonnah finally releases nine-year old song (Audio) [ARTICLE]

The song will be launched on Saturday 25th July 2020 and he will make an appearance on Obuasi based radio station Shaft FM for an interview.

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Papa Bonnah in an interview with said that he got the inspiration behind his song titled Nyame Atemuo from the untimely death of his brother-in-law.

“The inspiration behind Nyame Atemuo emanated from the death of my brother-in-law De-Marcus in 2011,” he said.

“I was heavily hit by his demise, then I began to think about what the bible says about those who die as righteous persons will rise again and live forever in heaven.

“I then asked myself that if I die today where would I go? I decided to write Nyame Atemuo to tell mankind that God’s judgement is real and we will one day account for our lives on this earth.”

Papa Bonnah has been singing Nyame Atemuo in church, but he has decided to send the message to the entire world in his quest to win souls for Christ through songs.

The 31-year-old early this year released his maiden song Mama Africa to celebrate African mothers and the sing-along single has been on the lips of several people especially in the Obuasi Municipality and he is hoping it reaches more people nationwide.

Nyame Atemuo is now available on Youtube.

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