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Rapper 4ties hooks up with Amerado for new joint “Underground Sound”, drops Sept 11 [ARTICLE]

Titled “Underground Sound”, it’s a hip-hop jam which talks about 4ties and Amerado’s rap dexterity and superiority in songwriting, punchlines, bars, rhymes, metaphors, storytelling and other features of rap.

Mixed by Qholabeatz, the song also highlights 4ties’ struggle and how hard he has been trying to break through the rap fraternity in Ghana.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song in an interview, he disclosed that: “As a hip-hop artiste, I got influenced to write the story and struggle of the up and coming artiste, especially doing music in Ghana and the hard part of doing hip-hop which is highly difficult breaking through the mainstream with real old school hip-hop.”

“And so, putting that story into music and being the mouthpiece of the up and coming artistes to tell our struggles was the main force that influenced the song.”

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On why he featured “Yete Nsem” series hitmaker Amerado, he divulged: “I admire his work and consistency with rap music and love for hip-hop. I realised he was the best match for the song because he is hardcore and a beast on the mic, and the kind of beat I chose for the song perfectly fit his style.”

According to 4ties, the song will be released on Friday, September 11, 2020, and that fans should expect an old school conscious rap music.

“Fans should expect an old school hip-hop style of conscious hip-hop that people don’t mostly hear today. I feel it’s about time people start listening to real hip-hop to elevate their minds and music talk to them in a positive way.”

“I killed my verse and Amerado always kills it too… It’s all fireworks,” he concluded.

He said the song will be made available on YouTube and other music stores online.

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