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It will be a disgrace to get pregnant before marriage – Diana Asamoah (LISTEN) [ARTICLE]

According to the “Anopa Wim” singer, it’s not right for her to get married or give birth out of wedlock before God’s appointed time.

She was reacting to a recent viral photo which people suggested that she was pregnant when she made this clarification.

Diana Asamoah told Dave Hammer on Hello FM in Kumasi on Saturday, September 12, that she is not in a race to grab a husband, adding that it will be a big shame on her brand and Christianity to force her way into marriage or get pregnant.

“I am not competing with anyone on childbirth,” she said. “I have dedicated my life to Christ to use me for whatever he wants. What God has done for me is more than getting a husband.”

“It will be a big shame if I engage in premarital sex just because God hasn’t given me a man to marry. Imagine hearing that Diana Asamoah is pregnant before marriage? It will be a disgrace – and a disgrace to Christianity. It will even lessen my God,” she stated.

She continued: “A lot of Christians fall due to lack of patience. A lot of them dare marry before God’s appointed time – which is wrong. There’s a law that forbids me to marry before my time.”

Listen to the interview below.

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