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Rape allegations against La Meme Gang were cyberbullying – Darkovibes breaks silence (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

In June this year, two female Twitter users accused Darkovibes and RJZ of rape, but La Meme Gang denied the allegations in a press statement.

One of the group members Kweku BS exited the group following the allegations.

In a statement announcing his exit from the six-member group after three years, Kwaku BS made reference to allegations of rape that have been levelled against two other members of the group on social media.

“Owing to irreconcilable differences between myself and the management, as well as the membership of the collective, I have chosen to leave. I appreciate the love and support of my family, friends and supporters which was shown to me during that point in time,” Kwaku BS said in a statement.

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“I acknowledge the allegations and actions recently put forth against two members of my former collective, La Meme. I wish to say, neither their actions nor beliefs align with and represent that of mine. To all the brave and strong women who have acknowledged and recognized their power, I see you and I am in awe of your strength. This is NOT a time to be silent about any form of injustice, especially ones committed against black women”.

Responding to the allegations, Darkovibes told Abeiku Santana on Okay FM that they group suffered cyberbullying, and that the allegations were false.

“The rape allegations are cyber bullying. We tried to investigate and the claims were untrue,” he stated.

On Kweku BS’ exit, he said: “We didn’t expel any of our members. He was one of our friends whom we have stopped working with. He decided to take advantage of the situation to trend.”

“We are victims of cyberbullying” he concluded.

Watch the interview below.

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