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KOD drops GH2000 offer to find Facebook user who said he wants to ‘chop’ DJ Switch [ARTICLE]

Richard Amoah, whilst commenting on a photo of the 12-year-old, wrote “ a for chop this kiddie“. The comment has seen the likes of former EC Boss, Charlotte Osei issuing a warning to him that “chopping a child is a criminal act“.

Apart from describing the comment as ‘morally reprehensible” Mrs Osei added that “Get treatment quickly!“. Ghanaian actress, Ama K Abebrese, on the hand also offloaded her anger on Richard describing him a rapist.

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Ghanaian media personality, KOD, has also taken the same part to chastise Richard over his comment. He first wrote “Richard Amoah, we have seen your face and we will find you … How could you … what a shame“.

Screenshot of KOD's post

Screenshot of KOD’s post

In another post, KOD posted Richard’s and offered to reward anyone who’ll help find him with the sum of GH2000. “We found the idiot. His name is Richard Amoah. If you have details about his whereabouts holler 0264273229 for GHS2000”.

See a screenshot of his post.

KOD's post

KOD’s post

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