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It’s shameful to let men buy you cars, houses and invest in your business – Stephanie Benson [ARTICLE]

She made this statement in a video she shared on her social media pages a few days ago.

According to the “One More” singer, men tend to disrespect women who enter relationships with nothing and try to rely solely on the man for everything.

“If you are looking for a lifetime partner or husband who will be good for you, you need to go into that relationship with some self-respect,” she said. “Some girls always beg for support in relationships and if this goes on, men will struggle to have respect for you.”

“So, it’s imperative that you go into a relationship with something. You should be an independent woman. That way, when the man realises, he will show you more respect. It’s very bad to always rely on your man.”

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Stephanie Benson also blamed African parents for giving wrong advice and grooming to their daughters.

“Some of the advice from our parents isn’t helping. They always push their daughters to go get a man who will bring money home.”

“Find a job to do, it doesn’t matter what kind of job. Don’t expect him to start a business for you, it’s not his job. Some women do tell me that their men buy them houses and establish businesses for them but later threaten to take back everything. It’s shameful. Ladies need to stop this,” she added.

Watch the full video below.

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