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Victoria Hamah’s POWA calls for Blakk Rasta’s removal from radio [ARTICLE]

This follows the Zylofon FM presenter’s response to a threat by Victoria Hamah to sue him. Trashing the threat, he wrote “When a former mis-fit, malnourished-brain, former $1million-dollar dreaming dishonorable Victoria Lakshmi Hamah speaks, it is laughable…!’.

Victoria Hammer threatens to sue Blakk Rasta

Victoria Hammer threatens to sue Blakk Rasta

Condemning the ‘sickle cell’ line Blakk Rasta used in his response, POWA has issued a press statement that states that “POWA Condemns Blakk Rasta for the Discriminatory use of Sickle Cells Disease as an Abusive Attack on Victoria Lakshmi Hamah and calls for his Removal from Radio“.

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The statement signed by Victoria Hamah as the Executive Director of the NGO continued that “POWA in no uncertain terms considers the discriminatory use of sickle cells disease as an abusive attack on Victoria Lakshmi Hamah by Blakk Rasta as insensitive and an affront to persons living and suffering from the sickle cells disease. His comment clearly demonstrates his overly callous and inhumane view of people living with the sickle cells disease“.

Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta

The statement emphasized that “the media is a very powerful structure of our social fabric and must be used responsibly. Thus, it behoves on media personalities to act in utmost sensitivity and decorum to ensure the cohesiveness of our society“.

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