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Megborna tackles peer pressure in new ‘Chasing The Dream’ piece (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Megborna, a KNUST student, widely known on campus for his thrilling world play performances to tackle social, urban and political issues titles the new piece “Chasing The Dream” and it captures the thoughts, desires, ambitions and pressures of a young heart trying to find footing in Ghana.

Asked why Chasing the Dream and why now, Megborna replied, “den we dey the studio. I went there to record a song but I froze out. I lose the vibe. So I flow 3nity sey make we just flow from wena heart. He freestyle the instru, I hop on am. So what everything I said was my genuine feelings and thoughts at that time, u feel me?”

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This is spoken word artist’s second release this year after ‘MOVE’ which was released on January 1, 2020. As to why he is releasing this new piece, he said “There was the need to drop it now because a new wave is coming and it’s very strong, therefore, I need to drop ‘Chasing The Dream’ to pave the way”.

Since the release of his Debut Album AGOO-Silver Words in 2017, Megborna has since maintained a dominant stance in the Ghanaian Spoken Word Industry, dropping singles after singles, with features both locally and internationally.

‘Chasing The Dream’ comes with its official video, watch it below and follow this link to stream it on other music platforms.

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