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I didn’t date Nana Tonardo because I can’t f**k my ***hole – Pamela Odame (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

Her blistering allegation follows Nan Tonardo’s recent interview where he labelled Pamela as a ‘prostitute’ and claimed they had a one-night stand when he picked her at Osu.

“She told me she was a Kenyan and I got interested in her, I was like 2, 3 years ago,” Nana Tonardo told Nayas on Kantanka TV. “We could have done things but I decided to relax only realize this girl is now all over the internet.”

But in response, Pamela Odame put him on a blast, calling him gay and even revealed that she offered Nana Tonardo GHC60 for fuel after their night out.

She said they became friends five years ago when she arrived in Ghana from Kenya, adding that she was foolish at the time.

“Tonardo was a friend when I was a fool, not this time that I’m more famous than him. It was four or five years ago,” she told Atinka TV. “I knew him through social media and we became friends. Once we went out to have fun in the club and he asked me for GHC60 for fuel. I came to Accra not long ago when we met. And I’m from Kenya, so what’s the big deal when I said I didn’t understand Twi.”

She revealed that they never dated and Tonardo’s one-night stand claim wasn’t true because nothing happened between them. She further revealed she didn’t date him because she can’t f**k her ***hole – indirectly suggesting that Nana Tonardo is a gay.

“We never dated and we never had a one-night stand. I cannot f**k my ***hole so there’s no way we can date. I never asked him to take me home and pay me. I rather gave him money after our outing.”

Watch the interview below.

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