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Pulse Picks: 6 TikTok trends that took over the Internet in 2020 [ARTICLE]

This left people with ample time on their hands, hence, social media gained prominence to engage its users. Key among these platforms is TikTok which saw a lot of people jumping on the video-sharing app to entertain themselves and their follows.

On this note, here are ten popular TikTok trends that took over the internet at some point in time in 2020. However, most of these challenges did not just stay on TikTok but crossed to other social media platforms.

Don’t Rush Challenge

The challenge sees social media users show videos of their before and after glowed up selves. Usually, a makeup brush or any object of choice is used to hit on the screen after which the transformed glowed up video of the person part taking in the shows up.

This became a viral trend globally and some ladies and gentlemen even teamed up to do it to represent their countries, network of friends or profession.

How God Created People

Another hit challenge was mixing water of supposed different ingredients to portray the kind of content God has used to create certain people. This became more common as people used to tease the best or worse qualities of certain people.

The Thirst Trap Transition

This is similar to the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ but with this, it focused on individuals transitioning from one look to another. Other throw shoes or sneakers and struck before it lands and transition with the effect. Others simply arrange different shoes and jump in each pair to transform.

Acting Challenge

This remains one of the most common TikTok trends which appears to have come to stay. With this, users simple act over funny and viral audios or re-create viral videos on the internet.

Slow-Mo Challenge

This challenge gathered attention during the ending of 2020. With this challenge, social media users act out lyrics of songs and whilst through it, act out slow-motion effect bit to it.

The Choices Trend

With this trend which also came up towards the latter end of 2020, social media users show two choices on the screen and walk-in or dance into which of the choices they prefer over the other.

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