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Angry Ogidi Brown terminates contract with new artiste after Fameye brouhaha [ARTICLE]

OGB Music label, led by Ogidi Brown, signed Cryme Officer in a bizarre fashion last year when he decided to include traditional oath swearing method in the signing.

In a photo that went viral, Ogidi Brown placed eggs and Schnapps beside Cryme Officer during the signing of his one-year contract with OGB Music.

But Ogidi Brown says he won’t work with Cryme Officer anymore – despite taking the powerful traditional oath – citing the singer’s involvement in his recent fight with former signee, Fameye, as the root cause.

According to OGB Music’s termination letter, Cryme Officer’s comments about the brouhaha is ‘betrayal and disloyalty’.

“…this contract is terminated for certain actions taking over the media against the record label owner, Ogidi Brown, about the viral video you made concerning the issues between Ogidi Brown and his former artiste, Fameye, to exit from the record label should something happen to him which the management finds it as a betrayal and actions pertaining to disloyalty,” the termination letter read.

The letter said he should desist from performing all the recordings produced by the label and further appreciated him for his contribution to the label.

“You are hereby advised to cease all performances, recordings and activities that concern your part of the contract inconsideration,” it said.

“Our contract was only a year and some days old but I want you to know that we greatly appreciate having you on our record label. Your dedicated service and contribution to the record label was remarkable. Even though the past year amid COVID-19 pandemic season was a very challenging one but you harboured no ill feelings at all towards the entire team,” it added.

Cryme Officer is yet to react to his contract termination.

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