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Nikki Samonas believes ‘this life no balance’ and neither is her maths [ARTICLE]

Elon Musk made the news after overtaking Jeff Bezos as the richest man on earth. Having led innovation at Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company among other solar companies, Musk overtaking the Amazon boss was not one that was out of the blue.

Amidst the conversation around how much these two are worth, Ghanaian showbiz personality Nikki Samonas took to her Twitter page to outline how these two could make the world a better place by distributing their wealth as sharing is caring.

One problem though, her maths.

In a simple tweet that oozed flamboyance with a touch of love and care sprinkled with the sadness of life not being balanced, Nikki wrote:

Nikki Samonas believes 'this life no balance' and neither is her maths

Nikki Samonas believes ‘this life no balance’ and neither is her maths

“The 2 richest men are worth $$185 and 184 billion n counting. There are 8 billion people on earth, If sharing is caring, a million per person would be enough n there will be excess. Calculate. This Life No Balance. (Sad face emoji)”

Going over what Nikki wrote, 185 billion plus 184 billion will be 369 billion. With 8 billion people on earth per her tweet, each person when shared will have just $46.125 (approximately GHc 270) and not a million dollars as Nikki claims.

As usual, Twitter responded to the tweet the best way they can.

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